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Cold blooded murder

Karzai condemns ‘deadly US strike’

Is the death of an innocent little child and the injuring of two women acceptable in the war again terrorism? If so, it brings to mind the words of Stalin: one death is a tragedy, a million a statistic.
The quote may not be totally accurate, but the sentiment is there.
A dead civilian is not just a casualty, it is the loss of a promising life if only both sides will just calm down and talk instead of behaving like savages that know only to settle things through brute force!


It is a cruel world

We live in a world
Where rich kids are pampered
While poor kids suffered
It is an unjust world

We live in a world
Where the rich are revered
While the poor are reviled
It is a cruel world

We live in a world
Where there is food wastage
While there is food shortage
It is a strange world

We live in a world
Where increasing wealth
Results in decreasing health
It is an upside down world

We live in a world
Where religion is but a catalyst
To the fanatics
It is a blasphemous world

We live in a world
Where the powerful say yea
And the weak can’t say nay
It is an unfair world

We live in a world
Where battles are common
But peace is hard won
It is an unkind world

It is a cruel world
That is our trial
Look to the future
And hope for the better
For that is all we can do
In a cruel world

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