I am impressed when I started my laptop tonight. Although I had not started my blog in a (pathetic) attempt to attract followers, I am pleasantly surprised to find my blog attracting a few followers. Admittedly, it is few, but it is both surprise and encouragement. I wonder which of my few posts attract you? Or mayhap you are one of those kind souls who followed new bloggers as encouragement? No matter, you have my thanks.

So I wonder what to write about today. No pressure. I mean, I don’t have a schedule. But a habit certainly is in the process of being formed. I like rambling, well, usually I do that orally. But then, people may not want to listen to someone rambling. They like a CONVERSATION and that means that both sides have to listen. Because of that, I decided to ramble online. Sorry for that, no, I am not.

Of course Rambles is not my name. But I still need an identity online, right? So I decided since I am going to be rambling on and on about topics that interests me, I am going to name myself Rambles. Nice, short and easy to remember. I tried several names over several blogs which I then closed but none of them is appropriate. I always felt as though I am contained and restrained by the name. However Rambles does not suggest anything, does it? I don’t think so, so I can use this blog as a place to speak about anything I like.

I also do not link this blog to my Facebook account (yes, I have one) as I want to have this blog separate from my real life friends. I mean, I am going to post things that are very personal. Somehow, it doesn’t feel so difficult when you know that your posts are read by strangers who may never know who you are. I think that is because I am so afraid of being judged. I don’t mind being judged by strangers because you can’t ever say cutting criticisms to my face, nor can you look at me with a knowing look. I think I would probably keel over with embarrassment if this blog is read by my friends and families. Therefore, I will endeavor to leave everything that points to my real world identity out in my posts, which is a bit hard if you are talking about yourself though.

Where was I? Ah, right, talking about myself. Another thing I found out about myself. When I write, I always seem to be writing a conversation with someone. Is it annoying to readers? I have never done that, until now that is. It seems to be a side-effect of getting enthusiastic about blogging. I don’t know, maybe I should try to make it less conversational? Well, we will see. Later.

Now, as the title of the post itself suggests, this is just a post of my ramblings. Unhappy? Then don’t read it. Just that easy. I am not blogging to entertain others, just to entertain myself. And get a load off my chest in the process.