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Malaysians detained for smacking child

Malaysians detained for smacking child

As a Malaysian child myself, I don’t think smacking a child is anything so terrible so that it would warrant detention and the removal of said child to a foster home. Overreaction is what I think Swedish authority did. Did any one thought of asking if the children want to go to a foster home? I definitely wouldn’t. Even though my mum did smacked me as a child, she loved me and cared for me.


The US town that foiled a neo-Nazi takeover

The US town that foiled a neo-Nazi takeover

I sincerely believes that the man need a psychiatrist rather than prison. Same goes to all extremist.

Cold blooded murder

Karzai condemns ‘deadly US strike’

Is the death of an innocent little child and the injuring of two women acceptable in the war again terrorism? If so, it brings to mind the words of Stalin: one death is a tragedy, a million a statistic.
The quote may not be totally accurate, but the sentiment is there.
A dead civilian is not just a casualty, it is the loss of a promising life if only both sides will just calm down and talk instead of behaving like savages that know only to settle things through brute force!

US deflects Pakistan anger on Mehsud

US deflects Pakistan anger on Mehsud

If more bombing by the Taliban is made in revenge, the blood will be on USA’s hands.

Libyan al-Qaeda suspect reaches US

Libyan al-Qaeda suspect reaches US

A legal and appropriate suspect? Yeah? Imagine if another country is to do the same. Would they still be saying the same thing?

Malala Yousafzai wins Sakharov prize

Malala Yousafzai wins Sakharov prize

China criticises Nasa conference ban

China criticises Nasa conference ban

That is the action of USA the ‘free’ country?

State funeral for Italy migrants

State funeral for Italy migrants

A cold comfort.

EU chief heckled on Lampedusa visit

EU chief heckled on Lampedusa visit

Instead of spending the money on a visit / tribute, why not just send it to those who need it most, ie the victims and their family? Because of politics and the need to be seen positively in public.

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