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A Busy Week

I realized that it had been some time since I last posted anything here so I decided to get on with it tonight. As the title suggests, it had been busy and hectic this past week. No matter what you say, moving houses is very troublesome and we are all so tired. Clothes, books, furniture, crockery etc etc. All have to be moved. And like us Chinese who pray to gods, we also have to do an elaborate ceremony to invite the gods to our new house.

Tonight is the first night we are spending in the new house. We all are very tired after a full day of work. Emotions run high and tempers are short. But at last, we can rest, for a little while. Tomorrow, we still have to go back to get our things left behind. There are still more clothes, pots, pans, crockery, tables, chairs and other odds and ends which did not make it into the lorry we borrowed to move the bulkier items like the washing machine, the fridge and the television.

I can still foresee at least another busy week before we can settle down in our new house. I will stop here now, as I am really too tired to think. Oh, and by the way, I got my own room now. Cheers.




Yesterday, the furniture finally came. At last the house looks more homely. All this time, I have the strange feeling that it is merely a hotel suite which we can only have for a little time. Not all our things are moved yet, but slowly we are moving our belongings over to the new house. First and foremost, the books have to be moved. Then we still need to buy wardrobes to put our clothes in. It will be a long time before we are quite settled, I am afraid.

Even now, as I am writing this, there is a subcontractor still putting up lights and connecting wires. Curtains are as yet a mere thought.

Sofa, nice colour combination?
Sofa, nice colour combination?
My study desk
My study desk
Bed, same in all three bedrooms
Bed, same in all three bedrooms
Sturdy dining table
Sturdy dining table
And the chairs to complement the dining table
And the chairs to complement the dining table

No photos of the lovely lighting, though, for although I tried, it just doesn’t turn out nice, at least not using my phone’s camera. And I am not getting a camera just for the lighting. So there.

Busy Days

One would think that being on a holiday would means lazy days, with nothing to do, so bored that one would be grateful for whatever distractions but it is not so with my holiday this time. As mentioned before, I am going to move in two weeks time (hopefully). There are many things to do, as were mentioned before also. Therein lies the problem. I find myself caught up with all sorts of cleaning and buying and appointments for installations of furniture and whatnot.

To further aggravate the matters, I am also tasked with fetching my little sister from college, which ends around 1pm. It cuts my time into two and there is often delay as I need to stop earlier, go to the station to fetch her and finally have lunch before I can go back to work. All in, around 2 hours break.

I have been so busy with the cleaning that I quite forgot to take pictures. Sorry, Louella, I was distracted when I went over to the house earlier. No pictures yet, but I will try to get them as soon as possible.

I will be very happy by the time we are moved and settled. I have quite enough of the excitement to last me for several decades.

New House

I am not sure whether I had mentioned it before, but my family have bought a new house. We are going to move by the end of this month, so there are much to prepare.

The new ‘house’ is actually a townhouse. On the fourth and uppermost floor of that particular site, the view is quite nice from the balcony. Not astounding, no not with the price we get for the house, but nicer than from our old house. There are also less noise and cars around that area as it is primarily a housing estate. Excellent! Especially as the old house had been broken into five time in two years.

The new house have better security as there are significantly less entry points. However, the new house is also quite a bit smaller and so we find ourselves sifting through our respective belongings to decide which to discard and which to keep.

I have some trouble with the books. My collection, though not valuable to others, bear sentimental value. Some of the books I owned from when I started learning the letters. Of course, most of my storybooks are from secondhand stores and are thus in quite a disreputable state. After considerable hemming and hawing, I think I finally had discarded enough to fit the rest in my new room.

Oh, and for the first time ever, I am going to have my own room. Not one shared with my sister, which will be easier on both of us. I like to stay up late, but she needs all the sleep she got.

Maybe I will put up some photos of my new house soon? We will see.

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