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Escape Plan (Spoiler Alert!)

So last night I went out with my friends for a dinner and movie as it was my friend’s birthday. They decided on ‘Escape Plan’, PG 18-rated movie. Do not ask me who starred in it. I honestly don’t care which actor it is as long as it has a good plot and good acting.

The story unfolds with the introduction of Ray Breslin, a regular Houdini who breaks out of prisons for a living. Next thing we know, he is being offered another job, breaking out of a prison which need to be breakout-proofed as it houses the most dangerous criminals on Earth that no government wants. It seemed to be a regular job with a contact and evacuation code. Until he arrived at the Tomb, as the off the grid prison was known.

A nightmarish ride in a helicopter courtesy of a tranquilizer, Breslin realized there is something very wrong with the prison as he saw another man being killed and tossed out of the helicopter. The nightmare was complete when he found out that his contact was non-existent and the evacuation code was no good. In short, he was really trapped in the prison with no one to help him. Then along came Rottmayor and the two of them started plotting an escape.

A nice story, with humour and gore in equal parts. Of course, there were some unbelievable stunts and language not fit for the polite society. But all in all, I like that movie very much.


R.I.P. D.

An update on an earlier post. I went to watch the movie with my friends earlier tonight. As promised by the trailer, it is a hilarious watch although I can do without the old-fashioned romance. Watching Nick Walker doing something illegal in an attempt to make his wife happy and then killed for his change of heart is a warning to all those who try to justify an illegal act as an act to make a loved one happy. As for Roy-something Something ( a real complicated name, by the way), he sure is a wily old fox who seems slightly demented.

I laughed most of the time. I think that it is hilarious although my friends insisted that it is because of me. I especially like Grandfather Chen and when Nick saw his appearance. As for Roy, the gruff old cowboy in a hot woman’s skin? Boy oh boy!

Generally, a good plot, but slightly unrealistic. Anyone realized that of all those RIPD officers who followed Nick and Roy out after Hayes got out of the RIPD office are all dead? It is said that the officers are once the best of law enforcement. Hence, the startling feebleness is a bit unfathomable.

One thing I don’t like is the romance between Nick and his wife what-is-her-name. It seems a bit too cliche and slightly old fashioned. Or maybe because I just don’t believe in pure love.

Anyway, that is done and over. Good night everybody.

To the movies

To the movies I shall go this Saturday with my friends. A full week has passed since we had our barbeque. Perhaps it is the age, but I find myself wanting the companionship of my friends.

We are going to see the newly release RIP Department. One of my friends told me that it is an adapted version but I have no idea what it is about. Based on the trailers I have seen though, I surmise that it is probably a humorous adventure story. Hope it is good. I need a good laugh after the miserable week.

To the end, I have to say, I am very lucky in my friends. If I was to have changed class in Form Four, I would not have met them. Sometimes, Fate depends on choice.

An Unplanned Visit to the Cinema

Today, the second day of my freedom, I planned an excursion to the mall with my friends for lunch and a chat. Secondary school friends. Although I have made new friends in college, I still felt more comfortable with them than with my friends from college. There is easy camaraderie between us, none so with my college friends. Although I see them more often, they usually make me slightly tense. I couched my responses and make polite small talk. It is all so painfully staged.

So, I went out today with my friends (only 3 of them). After a nice lunch, which took almost 2 hours as we chat, we decided to leave the shop as we do not want to incur the wrath of the proprietor from blocking his business. Thinking of what to do next, one of my friends, KJ, suggested a movie. All agreed.

Which movie, though, caused some lively debate. PE suggested Fast and Furious 6 but KJ and I protest as we have never seen its prequels. Aries then suggested After Earth, but I remind them that I had already watched it. At last, we settled for Man of Steel, although I do not like Superman.

Suffice it to say that I was nearly bored out of my mind. PE became quite annoyed by me and KJ as both of us chuckled uncontrollably throughout the film, and she had the misfortune to sit between, as she calls us, ‘crazy laughing loons’. I know, probably rude to say that the film was comically uninteresting, but that is what me and my friends felt.

For us who don’t follow Superman through his exploits, the plot is somewhat confusing. Worst still, the first hour and half or so was without much action, mostly about his upbringing and memories. It is so completely uninteresting that I had a hard time focus. Then action was crammed in only at the very last part of the movie. We all agreed that the plot was too loose at first, and too intense at the end.

Personally, I feel that although Man of Steel is better than After Earth, it isn’t that much better. Both are films which lead audience to anticipate action, but were left unsatisfied. Although there is action at the end of Man of Steel, it just seems so crammed, that it isn’t enjoyable anymore.

After Earth (Spoiler alert!!)

So, I never thought that I would one day sit down and write about a movie. Not that I don’t like them, just that I don’t really have thoughts about them.

Now, I have already written today and I did not actually plan to write another. However, to celebrate my newfound freedom, I went to the movies with my sister and we decided to watch After Earth.

As sci-fic movies go, it is actually quite good. It may be slightly disappointing to those who want a good portion of action with any movie. Don’t get me wrong, there is action in it, but it is minimal, designed to emphasize rather than enthrall. I liked it.

It is a movie about a father and his son. At the time of the story, mankind had left Earth for a thousand years after rendering it unsuitable for human lives. They went to another planet, led by the Rangers, a military unit comprised of all nationality and race. However, extra-terrestrial beings are unhappy with humans and thus unleashed the Ursha, monsters created to destroy human kind. The father, Cypher Raige (Will Smith), is a legendary commander who invented ‘ghosting’, a technique to make themselves invisible to the monsters. From what I gathered, it seems to be a kind of technique for getting hold of your fears because the monsters tracked pheromones released by fear.

Basically, the father and son were forced to crash land in an Earth that is hostile to humankind. The son, Kitai (Jayden), had to run 100 km to get to another part of the spaceship to get hold of a beacon to signal for rescue. He did it, and conquer his fear of the monsters in the end. Nice, you really can see the fatherly affection and concern from Will. Wonders if the fact that it is his own son helped?

Anyway, now for my opinion for what it is worth. Which is not much as I am told. The spaceship, first of all, reminds me of a stingray. I mentioned this to my sister during the movie and got a laugh in return. Why, in the whole wide world, a stingray? There are hundreds of different animals to chose from, and they chose stingray as the shape for their spaceship? I don’t know, it just seems so ludicrous to me that I have to stifle a bark of laughter in the cinema.

Secondly, has anyone mentioned that there is tons of holes in the plot? Have anyone try to navigate a forest, no, a densely wooded area without map or compass and not knowing the geography of the terrain? Logically impossible. Yet that is what Kitai accomplished in, oh I don’t know, four days? And 100 km? Who are you kidding? Add to that he had been bitten, attacked and frozen, and he did not have any serious hurt? Fighting with an Ursha for the first time and only minor injuries?

What about Cypher’s broken leg? The way the computer keeps on blinking that the bypass failed and all that stuff, my sister and I were going, oh God, is he going to lose his leg? Or even worse, die? In the end, he did neither and was almost FINE!!

Not to say it doesn’t have any elements of thrills. I had been scared quite badly during the movie. There are moments when I had been, quite literally, scared out of my skin. But it is disappointing in that aspect. I went into the cinema with a really thick jacket, anticipating a real good scare and thrills from the movie. But, all I see is a kid who is scared of every sound and not much thrills.

So, to sum it up, my response to whether I like the movie would be: Well, I like it well enough, but there seems to be something missing. Some element which can help make up the slight disappointment that there is not much action within the film. All in all, it is quite a tame film.

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