Today, the second day of my freedom, I planned an excursion to the mall with my friends for lunch and a chat. Secondary school friends. Although I have made new friends in college, I still felt more comfortable with them than with my friends from college. There is easy camaraderie between us, none so with my college friends. Although I see them more often, they usually make me slightly tense. I couched my responses and make polite small talk. It is all so painfully staged.

So, I went out today with my friends (only 3 of them). After a nice lunch, which took almost 2 hours as we chat, we decided to leave the shop as we do not want to incur the wrath of the proprietor from blocking his business. Thinking of what to do next, one of my friends, KJ, suggested a movie. All agreed.

Which movie, though, caused some lively debate. PE suggested Fast and Furious 6 but KJ and I protest as we have never seen its prequels. Aries then suggested After Earth, but I remind them that I had already watched it. At last, we settled for Man of Steel, although I do not like Superman.

Suffice it to say that I was nearly bored out of my mind. PE became quite annoyed by me and KJ as both of us chuckled uncontrollably throughout the film, and she had the misfortune to sit between, as she calls us, ‘crazy laughing loons’. I know, probably rude to say that the film was comically uninteresting, but that is what me and my friends felt.

For us who don’t follow Superman through his exploits, the plot is somewhat confusing. Worst still, the first hour and half or so was without much action, mostly about his upbringing and memories. It is so completely uninteresting that I had a hard time focus. Then action was crammed in only at the very last part of the movie. We all agreed that the plot was too loose at first, and too intense at the end.

Personally, I feel that although Man of Steel is better than After Earth, it isn’t that much better. Both are films which lead audience to anticipate action, but were left unsatisfied. Although there is action at the end of Man of Steel, it just seems so crammed, that it isn’t enjoyable anymore.