Someday, I feel so tired that I wonder that the world still goes on. Mayhap it is only me who stopped halfway in my journey through life. I sat for a while, bowed and weary. The Road still stretched away in front of me, curving out of sight but not thought. I quailed, thinking of the trials that still awaits me, doubting my strength to continue.

All seemed dark and gloomy and a shadow grew in my heart. I will not succeed, a voice cried in my ears. And my mind agreed, too tired to refute. As I sat there, I look out to the Road and thought sorrowfully that never will I know what lies behind the bend.

Then the Sun comes out from the clouds and shines brightly. The gloom dispersed and I, for me, Hope is rekindled. The Road looked inviting, where before it had seemed foreboding. I looked, and saw a future for me waiting behind the bend. Picking up my bag, I stood and stretched, ready for another adventure.

One step, and two and three. Soon, the wind was blowing upon my hair and I laughed from sheer joy. I am Alive, and where there is Life, there is also Hope, for our journey will never end until Death come. Walking swiftly, I came onto the bend. Without hesitation, I rounded it and lo! A sea of green meadows greeted me. Peace which I sought came and I was glad.