Finally, holidays! Not so fast though, I still have 3 more days of exams to go. Nothing really difficult, Business Studies and English Literature. Not that it is easy, just that the study materials do not really stand up to long hours of study. I mean, how many time can you read a novel to study it? And Business Studies is actually more about common sense and everyday life. I know, I sound like a snotty kid, but I honestly feel that after that Law exam last week? Any other subject is relatively easy and I can relax some.

So what now, I ask myself? With time on my hands without much commitment, I felt free. Oh well, not so free I guess. My new house’s fence needs a new coat of paint and who shall do it? Me, of course since I am on holidays. Beside painting the fence, lots still need to be done before we can move in, none more so urgent than packing.

Oh how I dread the packing. We have piles and piles of books which need to be tied, packed and sent over, unpacked and arranged in their respective shelves. Add to that the nightmarish process of moving over all the earthly possessions of my family, I might still be stuck in the old house till next year.

Anyway, if we managed to move by the end of this month, then I may try my hand at sewing a cushion cover for my chair. We had bought a cover for it but it simply doesn’t fit. It slip and slide all over the place and I have to stand up and adjust it often enough that I am annoyed.

And if I finished that also, then I can try some acrylic painting. I like all kinds of art, words most of all, but drawing is also one of my favourite.

That’s all for today, I think.