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Malaysia declares smog emergency

Malaysia declares smog emergency

It has become worse. Face mask is necessary now.


Haze. I hate it.

My home is in a neighbouring country of Indonesia. For all those who don’t now, there have been a most foul smog drifting over Indonesia’s neighbours courtesy of the burnings of the fields to ready it for planting. To be fair, Indonesia had protested that the burnings are also done by M’sian and Singaporean companies. One question though: Why such a thing had not happened in other parts of the world?

To reiterate the post title, I. HATE. HAZE. It causes a slight but persistent headache in me, irritation of my pulmonary system, and general queasiness. Oh, and don’t forget that my hair smells as though I had just come from a fiery barbecue when in truth I had, not ten minutes before, just climbed out of the bath.

Throats always seem to be parched. I think I consume more water in this week than in any other average fortnight. I do not always drink enough water, but with the haze, well, need I say more?

Suffice it to say that the irritating smell of ashes floats around and get into pretty much everything. Luckily for me though, I am not staying in the southern region of my country. More than 100 schools have closed there. Again, I will say: I HATE HAZE.

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