So, I felt like blogging tonight but I felt guilty as I have an exam looming next Monday. To make myself feel better while being happy blogging, I decided to blog about one of my exam material.

First of all, to make things clear, I read and study this book because I am taking English Literature and it is one of the prescribed textbook. No offense to Roy, but I simply do not like her style or type of story. It is, simply put, too depressing for me. Laugh at me, scorn me for being naive, but that is just how I am.

Rahel and Estha. The two twins of the stories. Ammu, their mother who ran away to marry their father. Chacko, their uncle. Pappachi and Mammachi, their grandparents who were disdainful of Ammu. Baby Kochamma, the vile, evil baby grand aunt of the twins. Ever bitter, she sought to colour all with her meddlings. And finally, Margaret Kochamma and Sophie Mol, Chacko’s ex-wife and daughter. Velutha, the Untouchable the Twins and Ammu loved and who loved them back. The characters of the book.

The plot of the story is confusing, especially at first read. It jumps from present to past while providing an insight to the happenings in life in Ayemenem. A confusing blur, it seems, until my teacher started to explain. Left to my own, I may well need a few reads to get a thorough understanding. I know, I know, it is her style of writing, but I would not deny that I don’t like it at all.

The depravity described in the book turned my stomach. Pedophile, incest, racism, and a distorted view of religion. The worst of mankind is laid open for all to look. Despair is in my heart when I read it. Indeed, there seem to be little hope for mankind with the horrible vices we are cursed with. But then, there is also always the innocence of children to hope for.

Anyway, no matter how I like or dislike the story, it is still my textbook and so will still need to read it and study it.

A link has been inserted below. It also talks of this book.