So, commercials. What of them? Well, we basically live in a huge commercialized world. I realize it this morning when I was driving to college. I was listening to the radio and I listened to the babble of deejays and commercials for a good ten minutes before I really listened and comprehend the contents. There were commercials for electronics, cars, phones, telecommunication services and shopping malls among other things. It has never bothered me before, but today I felt annoyed. I had tuned into the radio station to listen to MUSIC. But instead I heard commercials.

I know, I know, commercials are part and parcel of modern life. Even on book covers you can see advertisements about other books by the same author. Tasteful, subtle, nonetheless a commercial in it own right. Annoyingly constant.

You turn on the television for some nice programme and you find yourself bombarded by commercials during ‘breaks’, which only cut into the time of the programme.

Then you might take the car for a ride. On the way there, you decided on some music. Rock ‘n’ roll would be just nice, you mused, tuning into a station. Sound blared from the speakers and you realized that it is not the music you wanted, but commercials.

Disgusted, you then turned off the radio, instead opting for peeks of the nice scenery outside as you drive. What then appeared? A huge billboard advertising about something that you couldn’t be bothered about!

After sometime of mindless wandering, you finally came home and decided to take a look at today’s papers. One look and you saw it. A garish, full page advertisement that almost hurt the eye to look at it. Sighing, you ignored it and read the news. Finally finished, you go to have a bath, where thankfully isn’t any commercials about, until you notice the unopened pack of soap your mother bought you. There, in all its garish glory, is a sign proclaiming a discount for three bars of soap!

Thoroughly overcame exasperation, you dried yourself on a towel. Getting on clothes, your eyes fell on your open laptop. A winking object caught your eye. Upon closer inspection, you throw up your hands in exasperation. The winking thing is an online commercial to sell phones!

Deciding that madness is in the hearts of man, you climb onto bed and go to sleep to avoid any more commercials. Three hours later, you woke with a jump. Slowly you realize that the horrifying commercial about real zombies you saw is just a dream.

Groaning, you go back to bed. Even in your sleep, commercials haunt you.


Cheerios, everybody. Have fun with the commercials!