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Silence in the library

We all know that one is supposed to be silent in the library. I am now in the library and yet is being subjected to the buzz and hum of a lot of people in a small space. Is it the norm of everywhere, or is it just Malaysian students who cannot keep their voices down to a whisper in the library?

If you want to have an impassioned debate with your fellow friends over a point of study, you can do it outside the library. If you want nothing more than talking about lunch, you can talk it over in the cafeteria. In short, you are disturbing my concentration and being an annoyance.

When people shushed you, please shut up. It means you have gone over the acceptable noise level. I do not need to know about your plans with your friends one aisle over, thank you very much. You are being so loud that I could hardly hear myself think in a LIBRARY!

It is unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourself, a nearly full grown man. Do not pretend to yourself that you did not see me shushing you or people concentrating on their studies around you. You should not even need to notice these things to keep quiet. You are in a LIBRARY.

A dreary week

Well, not really a week, more like a four days. But then I couldn’t find a nice phrase to put in the title slot.

Today is Wednesday, it was raining this morning and it is quite cloudy now, in the afternoon. Yesterday, in the morning, we have a drizzle. It stopped in the afternoon but remains cloudy. On Monday, there was a dreary drizzle all day long. It had already started by the time I woke up; 6:55am, and had not yet stopped when I went to sleep at 12:00pm. On Sunday, there was no sun. Instead, heavy, grey clouds hung over the sky the whole day.

It started out promising enough, My partner and I won the first round of the internal moot on Monday morning. Ecstatic. I went back to class in the afternoon only to be told there will be a six-hour long Contract class on Tuesday. Well, I like the lecturer a lot. Problem? He is quite of an intense kind of guy. So, six-hour lectures are not actually fun.

The class went well (no one dares to make noise and disrupt Mr. Murali’s class). We finished a chapter on that day. Misrepresentation. And it left us with tons of reading to do, complete with cases and homework.

That bring me to today, Wednesday. Right now, I am in the library, typing on my computer to release stress. I am quite sure the college wouldn’t approve, but never mind, everyone is doing it anyways.

I have a love/hate relationship with tutorials since they started. Four subjects mean four tutors. Two males, two females. Mr. Kevin, Ms. Amenda, and Ms Gayathri are nice. Mr. Pathma, the tutor for CLRI is a prat. He is smug, obnoxious and lazy.

The way he speaks, he thought he was the greatest person, the most knowledgeable guy in the whole room. Although he might not be wrong, it is still very off-putting. I would dearly like it if someone actually complained to the college about him but I am too cowardly to do that. The way he speaks, he seems to think that everyone ought to listen to him. Doesn’t he realized his class is decreasing steadily?

You know, tutors and lecturers are expected to be knowledgeable. You aren’t anything special if you know your subject matter! Ms. Gayathri is working on her Master and she is such a nice teacher. She never spoke down to us as though we are all idiots.

Ms. Amenda and Mr. Kevin are both very experienced tutors who are also practicing lawyers. They never talk down to us and they always acknowledge us when we answer something well. Mr. Pathma, on the other hand, is a new lecturer fresh out of college and he is just a degree holder. So what is so special about you? You are nothing!

Keep your smugness and pride to yourself. We paid the fees and we are not dumb. Stop talking as though we are all idiots who are wasting your time! Go mark our homework and pass it back to us. It isn’t much anyway, as you had left it all in our decision to whether to do it or not. Most don’t, I did. I want to know my standing and I will only know if you would grade and pass it back to me as soon as possible. It has been at least two weeks since I passed it up!

Missing? Or just busy?

So, if anyone is still reading this blog, no doubt you will be wondering where in the whole wide world is Rambles hiding. Sorry, but not sorry.

It seems that life has finally catch up and I am, for the first time in thirteen years of school life, bogged down by homework and trying to get ready in time for exams. I am not saying that I breezed through my previous exams in any way, mind you, in fact, I did quite badly in some of them. The difference is that I do not care for my previous exams because of the subjects I studied I deem useless (tell me what is the use of physics, chemistry, biology, maths, geography and history to someone studying law?).

Now, I am studying a field which I am interested in and is willing to work hard to achieve the best results. The pressure increases as I would need to get certain results before I can proceed to the next level in my studies and getting a good job.

Too much too much! Need to rest!

Tomorrow is another day of school before finally a blessed week-long holiday break for Deepavali.

Happy Deepavali all!

Another Friday, Another Week

It is Friday again, meaning that another week has gone by in a blur. School life is heating up, as lecturers start to up the speed of the lectures in anticipation of the coming Deepavali holidays. As one of my lecturers said, “Students, we have to hurry a bit. In the first week of November, all of us are going to become Hindus and celebrate Deepavali and take a week off. Then in December, we are all Christians and have to celebrate the Christmas. Following that, late January all of us must celebrate Chinese New Year as all of us have somehow miraculously become Chinese. All in all, it is about a month shaved off the eight months you got before your exams in May.”

To add to our misery, tutorials have just started and homework are already coming down fast. Even in lectures, some of our more zealous lecturers set us homework to do. In addition to the huge amount of reading we have to do, I don’t think I will be enjoying my holidays anytime soon. Deepavali is next week, but all I can foresee is a long week of self-study. After all, I am not a Hindu and thus certainly can avoid celebrating heavily. For that, I have the Chinese New Year to look forward to.

Another thing, mooting is about to start. I hope to enter the competition and has even found a partner in anticipation of it. However, I have been having second thoughts about it as I look at my schedule and find that it is quite full. As the saying goes, ‘don’t bite off more than you could chew”. Problem: I am not sure if it is too much for me.

One last thing before I sign off on this post. I shouldn’t but I will. Please go and check out my other blog The Law (Student’s Perspective) if you are a first year Law student too. Maybe we can discuss on my mistakes?


Apparently, posting a comment on Facebook with full name and complete profile is an act of cowardice. This is what my college academic director told our class today.

I posted my complaint about the college on the college Facebook page (no presenter arriving to class and no notification). That was last Wednesday and they responded promptly. Valid reason, so I thanked them and think nothing of it. Until today.

Before class starts today, this weird-looking, rotund man came in, stood at the podium and smiled at us until we quieted down. Then he went on to say that we students should not be cowards and post our grievances on the social media. He asked, and I quote, “when you are married and you quarreled with your husband/ wife, you also posted on FB meh?” What?! Is there any similarity with us posting complaints about the college on FB?

My goodness, that guy is really an imbecile! He is either a dinosaur who cannot understand that Facebook is a platform for two-way communication or he is an authoritarian who cannot accept ‘challenges’ to his views on a particular point.

I resigned…

I have officially resigned from a newly started part time job. I only have to work until the end of this month. Although I feel bad for leaving a job half-done, I have very little choice.

The work is heavy and the time is long. In addition, I cannot cope with work and studies at the same time. Maybe later. Not now. To succeed in my studies, I will need full concentration.


The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy


So, I felt like blogging tonight but I felt guilty as I have an exam looming next Monday. To make myself feel better while being happy blogging, I decided to blog about one of my exam material.

First of all, to make things clear, I read and study this book because I am taking English Literature and it is one of the prescribed textbook. No offense to Roy, but I simply do not like her style or type of story. It is, simply put, too depressing for me. Laugh at me, scorn me for being naive, but that is just how I am.

Rahel and Estha. The two twins of the stories. Ammu, their mother who ran away to marry their father. Chacko, their uncle. Pappachi and Mammachi, their grandparents who were disdainful of Ammu. Baby Kochamma, the vile, evil baby grand aunt of the twins. Ever bitter, she sought to colour all with her meddlings. And finally, Margaret Kochamma and Sophie Mol, Chacko’s ex-wife and daughter. Velutha, the Untouchable the Twins and Ammu loved and who loved them back. The characters of the book.

The plot of the story is confusing, especially at first read. It jumps from present to past while providing an insight to the happenings in life in Ayemenem. A confusing blur, it seems, until my teacher started to explain. Left to my own, I may well need a few reads to get a thorough understanding. I know, I know, it is her style of writing, but I would not deny that I don’t like it at all.

The depravity described in the book turned my stomach. Pedophile, incest, racism, and a distorted view of religion. The worst of mankind is laid open for all to look. Despair is in my heart when I read it. Indeed, there seem to be little hope for mankind with the horrible vices we are cursed with. But then, there is also always the innocence of children to hope for.

Anyway, no matter how I like or dislike the story, it is still my textbook and so will still need to read it and study it.

A link has been inserted below. It also talks of this book.

Exam, anyone?

Ugh. I think examinations are the most hateful thing ever invented right now. I am in the middle of exam, but is now in the middle of something like an interlude. I have just finished one subject and is now waiting for the next exam on Monday.

Well now, I have some time to kill as the next subject is much more easier. I tell you, it is not easy trying to memorize scores of cases for an exam. Worst part? Most of them didn’t come out. I mean, come on, if you want us to memorize it, test us on it won’t you? It is so frustrating when you realize that your work has gone to waste.

Anyway, just suddenly felt like posting something on the exams. I wonder if any of my friends have a blog or do they just make do with Facebook? Hmm…

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