This morning, as I was driving my sister to college, I happened to think about blood-letting. I do not know much about medical practices, just what I gleaned through stories and novels. Anyway, I remember reading that blood-letting was once used as a ‘cure-all’ in olden times. Now though, I don’t think that any western doctor will do the same to their patients.

Then I got to thinking why not? It would seems as though blood-letting is pointless and does not do anything to heal the patient, instead weakening him. What about blood donations then? I remember pamphlets encouraging blood donations saying that by giving away part of our blood, it ensures a higher metabolism rate and can keep us healthier. What is so different about blood donation and blood-letting? I think that there is a grain of substance in that ancient practice.

After that, I talked to my parents during breakfast. It turns out that doctors practicing Chinese medical practices still use blood-letting as a means to heal a patient although it is only done rarely. My father said that he had had his blood let during an acupuncture session as he felt as though his elbow was screwed tight and swollen. After the blood-letting, he says that the elbow is alright again.

So, how much truth is there in the medicinal properties of blood-letting? I wouldn’t know. Perhaps I should ask my doctor next time I see him?