Sometimes, I just want to sit quietly alone. Not in my room; it is cramped and small. Instead I went out alone.

A meal alone, a movie alone; time to settle down alone. A fast-paced internship left me exhausted; the new attachment have me having to socialize again. I need some alone time urgently.

People like to go out with friends, so do I. But today, it is for me. Quietness to think and let the experiences over the past few months settle slowly. Quietness to think about the uncertain future.

My room is no good place to think; too cramped, too familiar, too enclosed with memories. Leaving it behind I can suddenly breathe easier.

Not that I don’t love my home and my family; I do. But sometimes I just need to get away, away from expectations, from decisions, from everything.

I am tired, and this is what I need to recharge.