Inconsistent. I have been really inconsistent. No excuse for it, really. I mean, exams’ been over for how long? More than half a month already. And yet nothing to show. Perhaps I should have sat my ass down and start writing.

I do think that way. Sometimes. That’s right. But then the malady called ‘laziness’ overtook me and I will think that ‘Well, you started this blog to rant and talk about stuff you like. It is supposed to RELAXATION. If you start to make it into a duty wouldn’t that defeats the purpose?’

Whenever I thought of my original aim when starting this blog I will (almost) immediately stop even thinking about Rambles’ Ramblings. I am really quite irresponsible when I come to think of it. Except for when I first start the blog, I have rarely post regularly. Mostly I just blog when I feel the need or the urge.

At the same time, I always envy people who have thousands of followers and hundreds of comments on each post. So sometimes I find myself reading how to get your blog going. And you know what the first thing they tell you to do? Blog regularly!

Ah well then, I will probably never become an online sensation with my witty (not really) words and creative (you sure?) products. I am too lazy for regular posting and I am not changing that.

What did I want when I start writing this post? Ah! Yes. I was looking through my earlier posts just now and I saw another Rambles’ Ramblings post. Reading through it I realize that although I am genuine and honest about my fickleness, I have not been entirely truthful about not getting followers. Followers, in truth, feed my pride. Every time a notification pinged telling me I got a new follower I got so much more excited.

But then I rarely get followers on this blog. Rather, my Pinterest board has been pretty noisy this few days.

Anyway, to finish things up, a little about my recent life. I am currently halfway through an internship at an old and established law firm. I am seriously thinking of doing my pupillage there as the atmosphere and environment are pretty good, kinda family-esque if you know what I mean. Although the pay is a bit below average, I think the people there more than made up for that.

Let me tell you about my first impression of the firm. On my first day there I went to report at the receptionist’s up at 20th floor (I am sitting at the 19th floor so that it make sense). I was told to have a seat and wait since I am about 10 minutes early (work starts at 8.30am and I want to avoid the traffic). I saw people coming in to work and most of them look pretty happy to be there even at the crazy early hour. None of them look cold or distance, they were all cheerful, and when I happen to catch their eye, they would smile (rather confusedly) at me.

This is a pretty big difference from the last big firm I went to. The other firm was comparable in size, but not in atmosphere and feeling of the crowd. The people over in the other firm feel very tense and pressured and that if you talk to them you are dragging them away from something infinitely more important than you are (although it is true). Suffice to say I did not feel welcomed at all in that firm. For all they pay really good salaries, I am not going to even apply over there.

Coming back to this firm I am currently in now, the people in the firm seems genuinely happy to see interns and any new faces. In fact, when I profess an interest in intellectual property, two of the legal associates took precious time out to teach me the practicalities of IP practice such as the procedure of filing trademarks and drafting a letter of demand aka a cease-and-desist letter. Everything used to teach me were real cases they were handling but already processed. They just revived an old case already done to help me understand the in and outs of IP practice and I am only there for a month!

I am not too bothered that I haven’t met the partner I am assigned to. Apparently he is very busy and even his pupils rarely see him. As long as I can be taught by his legal associates, then it is good enough for me.

That’s all for today I guess. I will see if I have anything else to say in a few days time.