I am not sure how much I will write on this issue; I only know that I am pretty passionate about it. Am I bossy? Yes. I was told I was an ‘alpha female’. Does this make me a bitch? Perhaps, perhaps not. As Bette Davis said, ‘when a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch.‘ So if I gave outspoken opinions on things, am I a bitch or am I just a woman?

As mentioned in my earlier post on Feminism, female bosses are often perceived as ‘witch’ and ‘bitch’. Fair? I don’t think so. You do not automatically think that way of your male boss, so why think that way of your female boss, especially if she isn’t married? Newsflash: women are NOT born to get married and have babies. Neither is she there to fulfill your sexual desires.

If someone is raped, it is never her/his fault; it is the rapist who deserves all the contempt and hatred society can pour onto him. Yet what we often observes is victim-blaming: ‘It is her fault to wear skirts that short”; “She shouldn’t have wear clothes that are so provocative”. Or worst of all, “she’s asking for it.” Does a victim of an assault ‘ask for it’? Does a victim of a road accident ‘ask for it’? Does the victim of a murder ‘ask for it’? If not, then why in the whole wide world would you suggest that a woman is ‘asking for it’?

As to those who would point their ugly fingers at women who wear short and tight clothes, what is your problem? If a man wearing tank top and shorts are raped, would you say it is because of his clothes that he brought this upon himself? If you say that the woman is raped because she dress provocatively, then surely the man is also raped because of the same reason! If you disagree that the man is raped because of the way he is dressed, then no way can you agree a woman should be blamed for being raped just because she dresses as she wants, dresses as a woman who is proud of her body.

I will leave you with a quote from Iggy Pop: “I am not ashamed to ‘dress like a woman’ because I don’t think it is shameful to be a woman.” Think about this the next time you decide to blame the victim for the rapist’s vile acts.