Today I met up with a friend I haven’t talk to in some time. I am quite glad to know that she has found God. Although I am not, and probably will not be, a Christian, it is always true that religious faith makes you a better person (aside from fanatics and deviants). Her problems are not something I can hope to understand, so different our experiences are. I do not think that empty platitudes and false understanding will help. I can only offer her support while she works through her troubles, neither experienced enough nor wise enough to intervene though I would dearly like to do so to save her the heartache.

Enough with my friend whose troubles are not mine to tell.

I am, however, rather disappointed with today’s fashion. A quick search on Pinterest yields thousands of clothing. Unfortunately, the majority of these tops, shorts, skirts, dresses etc are quite tight and expose quite a bit more than I am willing to expose. As one of my lecturers would say, most of these pieces leave nothing to the imagination. Nothing.

One might say that I am rather prudish in wanting to covering up skin. I call that decency. I have never seen the need to expose skin that should not be exposed, but to each their own. It is the fact that the fashion world seems not to cater to people with a more … modest … sense of fashion that irritates and annoys me. Even the supposedly ‘modest’ maxi dresses and skirts commonly have low necklines, spahetti straps, open backs, and even thigh-high slits.

I supposed some part of this stems from the fact that I am pudgy in areas that every fashionista would tell you you must be thin and slim. It does not, however, changes the fact that almost all of the clothing that are ‘fashion-approved’ are clothing that will look hideous on me and the average female. It will highlight every roll of fat, every imperfection on the skin while leaving us open to leers from the creepier people around.

It makes me feel objectified, like I should somehow have a model’s measurement or else I will not be attractive and desirable. I know I have brains, but it still rankles to feel unattractive and undesirable. A chunky girl should never be forced into clothes that makes her look ugly, but what alternatives are out there when most clothes from the famous brands are ridiculously small and tight showing off ever curve and angle? It seems that the fashion world has forgotten that while there are indeed girls with the perfect body out there, there are also girls that don’t have the perfect body.

Take one of my friend, CPE, for example. She is quite a bit taller than me, around 170cm, but is not willowy at all. She is quite stocky and that has made finding feminine clothing and shoes for her very difficult. She had had to resort to men’s shirts because women’s shirts will not fit. Nor could the shoes: she typically wore men size 7.  Perhaps if the fashion world had looked into creating clothing for stockier girls, she wouldn’t be forced into the situation where she has to shop in the men’s department and put up with teases of being fat although she is all muscles and no fat.