Most of the recipes I saw online fore any type of baked goods include cinnamon as one of the spices. As we don’t actually use a lot of spices in my house, we naturally don’t actually have cinnamon in the house. I finally decided to go and get a small bottle of it from the local supermarket. It costs me nearly RM10, which is rather expensive. But I don’t mind too much since recipes only asked for a small amount and it should be able to last quite a while.

This afternoon, I decided to make baked oatmeal clafoutis which asks for a teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Thinking this as a good place to start using cinnamon, I broke open the seal and measured out one teaspoon exactly and incorporated it into the mix. Bad idea.

The clafoutis smelled heavenly in the oven. However, when I went to cut it, it is more steamed than baked, though it may have be that the oven is just too hot and hardened the outermost layer before the insides are able to release their steam. No matter, we can always re-bake it later.

I took a bite out of a piece I just cut out from the main piece ( I always try some of my goods warm). YUCK! The overpowering smell of cinnamon hit me so suddenly that I felt nauseous. Like almost puking type of nauseous. Nobody would eat ’em and the entire batch ended up in the trash. What a waste of time and ingredients!

At any rate, I have at least rule out cinnamon as an ingredient disliked by the entire family.

On a side note, today I bought 6 kg of flour from the local baking ingredient shop, 2 kg each of all purpose flour, whole wheat flour and bread flour. Since I am now feeding an extra mouth (my starter. haha), and I am getting tired of running out of flour every other week, I just decided to add more flour to the store room. Oh well, I am pretty sure the cashier suspected me of small bakery or something with nearly RM20 in flour when the most expensive is whole wheat flour is RM3.60.Well, I don’t care either way and the flour only makes me feel safe when I am baking recipes using huge amount of flour..