Here I am again, not even 24 hours from my last post. I feel like a proud mom, eagerly documenting her wee darling’s every achievement however insignificant it might be.

I am proud of my starter. It has reached a very healthy stage in 4 days rather than the week every website told me to anticipate. Just to be sure, I added a dose of orange juice tonight to ensure that it is on its way to maturity.

From what I see tonight, it does look like it is about ready to be put into the refrigerator, being able to double the volume in 2 1/2 hours. Tomorrow morning I will feed it again and then pour into a clean container for the fridge.

Before I finished up on this post, let me show you my starter:


That black line marks where the level was when I fed it earlier. As you can see, it has very nearly double in volume. All the websites agree that it is a sign of a healthy starter. Finally I can try to bale those tasty sourdough bread that are so expensive in Malaysia.