After that dismal failure for my first ever sourdough starter, I was not sure whether I would ever make another attempt. See, it is not because it failed (well, maybe a little), but the point is that I don’t like not knowing where and how I failed. Then I came across this awesome site called Breadtopia which is primarily concerned with bread as its name suggests.

Anyway, out of curiosity I checked out the instructional video on making a sourdough starter and found, to my great surprise, a scientific and logical explanation to the chemistry behind a starter. Needless to say, I am intrigued and decided to try again albeit with one minor adjustment: instead of using pineapple juice as recommended, I decided on orange juice.

Both juices are acidic in nature and there has been comments that used orange juice successfully. Right now it has been about 27 hours since I mixed it up. It is smelling rather sour and I hoped with all my might that it will succeed. Fingers crossed all the way!