A few days ago, I got myself a small packet of rolled oats instead of the inexpensive Quaker oats we have been eating. I wonder what to cook/bake it with since I get tired of milk soaked oatmeal rather quickly.

A quick search online for recipes involving oats that I can make ahead should yield quite a number of potential recipes. For my test recipe, I decided to try out a oatmeal-raisin bars recipe. Of course, being me, I did not actually follow the recipe exactly. In fact, I merely used the recipe as a rough guide, changing up almost everything.

Where the recipe asked for butter, I used olive oil as it is the only fat I have on hand. Then I switched out raisins for cranberries. Adding in whole almonds and chia seeds, I began to worry about the liquidity of the mixture. So, instead of an egg, I put two and added nearly 1/3 cup of milk.

Even so, the mixture was rather thick when I spread it on a greased baking tray. (Note: use aluminium foil next time as it sticks terribly.) Due to all the additions, instead of the 20-25 minutes required, I baked it for 30 minutes. It smelled heavenly in the oven!

Once cooled and cut into bars, which are rather ragged because of the sticking problem, I had my first piece. Delicious! The sweetness of the sugar is offset by the tanginess of the cranberries and the almonds and chia seeds gave a crunch to an otherwise chewy bar. I guess I will be making this quite often in the future as both my parents are fans as well.

One side note, I accidentally burnt my finger on the oven door when I opened it to place the tray within. It is a very small wound, yet is very very painful. There is a mini boil on the finger as I typed. I figured that it is kind of inevitable that I burnt myself since I have been baking quite often recently.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I have nice oat-cranberries-almonds-chia seeds bars to get to. I will post something soon on pumpkin baking since I already have some pumpkin puree. Cheers!