All this while I have been baking wholemeal bread since I started baking bread. Even the occasional rolls and buns have some all purpose flour mix in. However, we really miss our sandwich loaf which was soft and fluffy (though possibly not as healthy as the much denser wholemeal bread). Therefore, I decided to try my hand at baking a pure bread flour bread that is titled The Sandwich Loaf in my beloved bread recipe book.

The recipe calls for 100% bread flour, which, by now, I always have some at hand. A little yeast, some salt, some sugar, water and olive oil are the rest of the ingredients.

After mixing it all up and kneaded the dough which was rather wet (which makes it quite a challenge to knead without it sticking to my hand), I left it to proof in a pot. Boy, it rose so magnificently that I wonder whether there’s still enough yeast activity for the second rise.

I do not need to worry. By the time the bread went into the oven, it has risen to heights never before seen in our house. It makes a singularly HUGE loaf.

Now that I think of it, it makes sense. Since bread flour contains such a high percentage of gluten, it would have help the flour to keep its shape and support it enormous rise. Next time round, I am going to divide the dough even further to avoid the sides touching my small oven.