We all know that one is supposed to be silent in the library. I am now in the library and yet is being subjected to the buzz and hum of a lot of people in a small space. Is it the norm of everywhere, or is it just Malaysian students who cannot keep their voices down to a whisper in the library?

If you want to have an impassioned debate with your fellow friends over a point of study, you can do it outside the library. If you want nothing more than talking about lunch, you can talk it over in the cafeteria. In short, you are disturbing my concentration and being an annoyance.

When people shushed you, please shut up. It means you have gone over the acceptable noise level. I do not need to know about your plans with your friends one aisle over, thank you very much. You are being so loud that I could hardly hear myself think in a LIBRARY!

It is unacceptable and you should be ashamed of yourself, a nearly full grown man. Do not pretend to yourself that you did not see me shushing you or people concentrating on their studies around you. You should not even need to notice these things to keep quiet. You are in a LIBRARY.