Yesterday I got a loaf of sourdough bread from a deli. It is expensive! Where a normal loaf of bread of that size costs around RM4 – RM5, sourdough bread costs nearly RM10. It was good though, so very good. I eat it plain since it is already so flavourful.

I was a bit worried I would not like the taste, but it is great! The indescribable blend of taste give the sourdough a unique taste. It is now my favourite bread aside from homemade wholewheat bread. Now I am more anxious to learn to bake this sourdough bread since I foresee much eating of this bread. If I buy instead of bake, my budget for food is going to acquire a huge hole.

Now, first thing first: work up courage to ask for a starter or attempt another starter by my own. Let’s see how it goes then.