Since I have been getting quite a lot of ‘you should consider cutting down your weight’ comments lately, I figure I might as well try to cut down my weight if not for them, then for my health. And honestly? Since I started baking, I put on quite some weight.

I scoured the Internet for good weight loss plans, wary of fad diets that promise quick-fixes, and found one that looks quite reasonable – the NHS Weight Loss Plan. The first thing it did is to tell me to watch the calories. So I then go online to find a calorie counter app.

I calorie-counted for one and a half day before giving up on it. It is simply too difficult! How am I to know how heavy is half a bowl of vegetables and how many calories they contained? Although there are many food to choose from, not all the food I ate was on the list and I ended up guesstimating a lot (try almost all the food I ate). Maybe calorie counting does work, but it is not for me.

Nonetheless, I continued on my search for at least exercises that I could do without equipment. I reasoned with myself: you know all the unhealthy food you are eating and you know what you should do. Eliminate junk food and eat smaller portions. Exercise regularly. You should be able to do that. It would be infinitely easier on my mind than counting calories. I was so stressed trying to keep within the parameters that by six in the afternoon, I was mentally exhausted.

If I am to try to lose weight, calorie-counting will be the one thing that turns me off. I would rather exercise more while eating less and cutting out the junk food. Though, seriously, I can’t wait to get to the age where being portly is regarded as normal instead of something unseemly.