When I checked on my starter this morning, a thin layer of clear liquid had collected on the surface of it and there is very little bubbles. I was a bit worried, but dismissed it when I recalled about the hooch that is mentioned a lot. However, by tonight, when I wanted to feed my starter, there was a layer of clear liquid about 3mm thick.

I told my friend and she googled for me (thanks Steph!). Apparently it meant that my starter was over-hydrated and less water should be used. Hopefully I hadn’t killed my starter by accident! Therefore, when I feed my starter tonight, it is only 75% hydration instead of the 100% hydration I have been using, praying for a ‘normal’ starter by tomorrow morning.

Now that I think of it, could the humidity of the weather affect the starter? It was raining the whole day today and therefore evaporation should not have been too high. Could this be the problem? Should I adjust my hydration ratio according to the weather since the evaporation rates for hot and cold days would be quite different?

What do you think? If any experienced sour bread baker read this, please advised me. I thank you in advance.