I wonder if anyone would like to buy the homemade bread I made myself? I am absolutely addicted to baking as my family will tell me but I have to limit the amount of baking I do if I do not want to overwhelm our house with bread. In short, if I bake as much as I want, we will have too much bread. Not to mention cakes and cookies and what not.

My sister and I were talking yesterday and she suggested selling them. The problem is that we do not have any sort of store front to actually sell the bread. Selling strictly online would be quite a challenge in terms of delivery and orders. Besides, there is always the danger of having to meet strangers for delivery.

Alternatively, my sister also suggested selling them to students at our respective colleges for breakfast. I am quite doubtful of this idea simply because there is already cafeterias in our school and it doesn’t seems nice to try to compete. Ideas, anyone?

I really want to bake more, but as most Malaysians will know, bread is not the most important staple food in our menu and is often eaten for tea or breakfast only. Oh well, let’s just see how it will go.