Uuuuhhhh….. That’s what I sounded like when I tore into a loaf of sour bread this afternoon. It was so tough and hard, almost cloth-like in its texture while it weighed like a brick. I was so very disappointed since I have heard all kinds of good things about sour bread and I want to make sour bread myself. Then my friend set me straight, telling me a good sour bread has a tough crust but ‘fluffy intestines’ and what I had was clearly a failed sour bread.

The taste is not bad. If that is what sour bread taste like, I am all for it. The only issue I have is the toughness of the bread. I am going to try another bakery next week. Hopefully it won’t be that tough again.

In another note, my starter is coming along quite nicely. The smell has lessened from yesterday and bubbles formed almost as soon as I stopped stirring. Does such an active starter means that I will be able to bake a nice sour bread by next week? Please tell me I can.

It is however quite difficult to find a recipe which lists measurements by weigh. Most of what I have found so far uses cups. If anyone have a good recipe for sour bread, would you mind giving it to me? Thanks!