I am pretty excited about my sourdough starter. I just can’t resist peeks into the container whenever I entered the kitchen. Right now, it has been almost twelve hours since I stirred in flour and water and the mixture already have some bubbles formed. Yay!

All of the online sources agreed that it means my starter is alive so at the very least I knew that I started off right. At this point though, online sources disagreed as to whether to feed the starter or not. The one I am using says once every 24 hours is okay while I have read others saying that it must be once every 12 hours once it starts bubbling. I think I am just going to leave it there for now, opting for the once every 24 hours feeding since I often has to be out of the house by this time and therefore could only feed it regularly at night.

Will update soon. Have to get ready for work now. Till the next time, friends.