Did I tell you about the delicious mistake a few days ago? About the chocolate cake added with peppermint extract by mistake instead of vanilla extract? No? Then you will need to know that my craving for an orange cake stemmed from that peppermint chocolate cake.

I know, how can someone mistake peppermint extract with vanilla extract when the colours  are so different? It is because I was not paying attention and grabbed the one bottle from the shelf (I finished my vanilla extract a while ago and haven’t replenished it yet). I realised my mistake right after I poured the extract into the batter. It was too late to rescue and there is nothing I could do but bake it and hope for the best.

I was annoyed at myself because I have actually planned to experiment adding orange into the chocolate cake. Too bad I have to make that stupid mistake. Or so I thought until I pull the cake out and have a slice. Warm, moist cake that leaves your mouth cool with peppermint? Fantastic! My sister agreed and between the two of us we finished off the 8-inch cake since my parents have already firmly associated mint with toothpaste and therefore refuse to have more than a taste of the “awful” cake.

Unfortunately, whenever an idea grabbed at me, I simply could not let it lie. Although the peppermint chocolate cake is excellent, it is not what I want: a cake with orange flavour. Turning the idea of a nice orange cake over in my head, I decided to go ahead and bake a citrus cake just to satisfy my cravings.

I went onto Allrecipes.com to get a recipe and settled for an easy-looking recipe. It is indeed easy if I choose to buy the orange juice required. Instead, as I explained in an earlier post, when I bake, I try to be as ‘homemade’ as possible. One, because I am picky and finicky; two, because it is actually cutting down on the chemicals I put into my products. Hence, I decided to squash oranges myself to get the juice.

Let’s just say it is not as easy as I thought to get all the ingredients (because my baking shelf is almost empty). Nonetheless, the recipe is quite forgiving and even with several adjustments the cake still turned out well. Nice flavour and pretty look. I am satisfied.

At first I was concerned it was too moist, but once it cooled down, it dried out a bit and the flavour really comes out. With the grated orange zest within, it really enhances the orange flavour subtly.

The orange cake went down way faster than the peppermint chocolate. By tonight, the cake is almost completely gone (I baked it this morning). Since my mum is so kind to buy me more oranges, I plan on baking them as cupcakes this Sunday as a variation.


A shoutout to Stephanie: I will be bringing both garlic bread and orange cupcakes to school on Monday. Cheers!