Excuse me, I just couldn’t resist the pun. Anyway, just 40 minutes before I mix flour with water to start off my sourdough starter. Hopefully it will be a success. I have been baking (experimenting?) for the past two months. While I wouldn’t say I am extremely proficient in baking, I have come to an understanding with my oven with regards to temperature and time.

Being someone who gets bored very easily, after being able to successfully bake bread and cakes (sort of), I cast my eye around for the next challenge. And found it in the form of sourdough bread.

I generally prefer my homemade bread and cakes to be as homemade as possible, only buying what could not be reproduced in the kitchen. Hence, when I read that sourdough bread does not use the commercial yeast but instead wild yeast captured in the starter a week ago, I am hooked onto the idea. Although commercial yeast is cheap (at 70cents for 11g), it is the idea of homegrown yeast that caught my interest.

Two things made me uncertain of whether to venture into the sourdough venture. Firstly, I am not sure how my family will react to potentially sour bread (although I have been informed through online sources that the starter will be quite unlikely to have a very sour taste at the beginning). We have always have plain common bread. Indeed, I myself have never tasted sourdough bread. I was reassured however, by the information that with a quicker rise using the starter at a higher temperature, the sourness of the bread will be a mere hint.

The second problem is my quick-waning interest. Sourdough starter requires long-term feeding and caring. It is not something I am confident of being able to do for long periods. However, I have taken the plunge, resolving to at least see this through to the end. I think it will actually do me good to care for something dependent on regular feedings and caring.

That’s all for this post, I think. I will possibly and probably post a lot more now that I am back in the habit of writing blog posts and sharing opinions. Wish me luck, dear friends.