Bullying – Understanding a Killer.

If we think about it as a whole, society itself is a bully. Ask about why the bullies bully, the most probable answer is because ‘he/she is not normal/same as us’. The ‘normal’ is just what the society expects as a whole. Just as society expects men to have muscles and good, active careers, so do society expects women to be curvy, gentle and loving. Whenever someone went out of society expectations, society retaliate in a bully-like fashion. Example: men who are flabby and non-career oriented will be good-for-nothings that rely on their wives; women that are career-oriented is a ‘cold bitch’ with no capacity for love.

There are many other examples, one of the most common being body shapes. I myself is slightly overweight but have been asked to cut down weigh, called fat and basically shamed by a lot of people including my own family for having fat on my bones. Again, this is society exerting its expectations on individuals through societal pressure which in turn acts in a bully-like fashion where individuals are made to question their values and self-worth while self-esteem took a huge hit.

I realize this long comment has very little to do with the original post form Opinionated Man, but it is that post that got me thinking. Besides, it is a very good insight into the bullied’s thinking. Good post, OM