One thing I really hate when I go searching for recipes online is to to come across a promising sounding recipe only to find in the ingredient list some type of box mix. Worst still are the recipes which still proclaim themselves as HOMEMADE even using box mixes. Seriously, people, box mixes are the furthest thing from homemade. Sheesh…

I don’t have anything against people who use box mixes as a way to save time and cut down on lengthy steps. But I DO have something against people who think it is okay to put down box mixes as an ingredient and has the gall to say the cake or bread or biscuit is homemade. In my book, homemade means that the entire bread or cake or whatever one is baking is made from scratch, that is ingredient added by ingredient with measuring and proofing.

Ever since I started baking I have shunned box mixes. If I wanted to have some commercialized bread or cake I could just as easily get them from the bakeries or deli. My mother used to point me towards the box mixes in the early days and I must say I was tempted once or twice to go the easy route by using box mixes. In the end, I decided if I am going to make an effort at baking, it would better be the real homemade thing instead of some weird hybrid.

Of course, without box mixes, some of my recipes are definitely hit-and-miss. Even so, I must say that I am happier in knowing that even in the worse-tasting cake, the ingredients are totally organic with as little amount of chemicals as I can get away with.

Cakes are still a problematic area for me as my cakes are generally rather dense. However, I am set in the cookie department thanks to the recipe given to me by my good friend, Stephanie. I really need to get her to post her recipes one of these days.

I am much better in baking bread, probably because I bought a cookbook on bread. Up until now, all but one of my bread are successful. Even the one that was way too dense was only because of the lower temperature while leaving the bread to rise.