I have learnt my lesson. If an instruction doesn’t seem to make sense, there is a good chance it is not making sense. Earlier today, I try to make some croissants, try being the operative word. The entire thing did not even make it to the mixing. By some weird chance, I read the instructions wrongly, mixing up 50g of yeast instead of the 7g needed. I thought 50g is a bit excessive but decided to go through instead of re-reading the instructions. Ended up having to pour away the milk and sugar. At least it is only the three ingredients. So, next time, I am going to read the instructions at least twice before starting. Sigh. And I was so looking forward to croissants.

Anyways, giving up croissants for the time being, I went back to experimenting with the spongecake. I double everything and beat the egg whites to death. Still doesn’t rise very well. Too dense to be called a spongecake, though it will make a great cake. I quartered the sugar. Seriously, is it our family or does people actually eat that much sugar everyday? Every recipe I used I halved the sugar to make it edible for my family which comprised of two diabetics and two not so sugar-happy young people.

Right now, I have a chocolate cake in the oven. Hopefully it will turn out well. My springform pan isn’t very good and tend to leak batter. So, instead of the full 250ml boiling water recommended in the recipe, I poured in only about two thirds so as not to make the mixture too runny. Smells divine. I know, cliche, but it does! Smells divine, that is. I am waiting to try my chocolate cake. There are comments saying that the cooking time is not enough. Maybe I need to add more time? Hmm….

By the way, my mom suggested that the reason for the not very well rising spongecake may lie in not beating sugar and eggs well enough. I think I will retry the spongecake again tomorrow incorporating my mother’s suggestions. Maybe even having her standing by me to supervise? Great idea, if I say so myself.

Till tomorrow then.


Ok, update on the chocolate cake. It cooked within the time range prescribed, so it is probably oven problems. Anyway, as could be seen below, the cake has spectacularly exploded. I haven’t had a taste yet, but it smells and looks nice. So there is hope for this cake. Cheers!

The cake EXPLODED!
The cake EXPLODED!