So I forgot to take pictures of the final products again. Anyway, on with the updates.

French Baguettes failed. They are too salty and yeasty. I will probably have to modify it to make it palatable. Somehow, the baguettes did not really rise that well. Yeast problem or temperature problem? It is slightly windy today and the cloth I used to cover the dough was doused in cold water. Maybe I will try with warm water next time.

The spongecake is more cake than sponge. For some reason it just did not fluffed up as expected. Maybe it is the eggs. I beat them quite well but maybe not well enough? Or it may be that I over-mix the dough. Either way, the dough created is just enough to cover my pan and resulted in an almost burnt, slightly dense spongecake. It does have the chocolate taste I hoped for. Tomorrow I will try a double batch and see whether it will turn out better. Even if it is not fluffed, it is still quite a nice cake. With a bit of decorations, it can be a great chocolate cake.

Besides spongecake, I am going to try my hand at croissants tomorrow. Ambitious, as my friend told me. A challenge with hopes of success I called it. Till tomorrow then, dear friends.