So, around one month ago I got hooked onto cooking. Imagine my annoyance that I can’t indulge myself in the kitchen because of the extremely important exam coming up which will determine whether I get to advance my education to second year of my degree. Finally, after am agonizing wait, my final paper is done yesterday. I spent most of today in the kitchen trying out recipes I had planned to do for one month.

The first thing I made today is a chicken and mushroom pie. I used a recipe found on to make the pie crust. One note of advice: pre-bake the pastry lining the pie tray. I didn’t, and it won’t cook at all after I fill it with the fillings. On that note, the filling is one of my own designs: half a chicken breast, one can of button mushrooms, two packets of enoki mushrooms and half a can of Campbell’s condensed mushroom soup. The chicken was diced, mushrooms sliced. It was delicious. A fine lunch for me and my sister.

Chicken and mushroom pie Chicken and mushroom pie










After satisfying our stomach, I then ambitiously (my sister maintains ‘stupidly’) decided to challenge macaroons, the apparent bane of bakers, especially novices who do not know their limits. Therefore, my sister was not all that surprised when I told her not to expect macaroons, because, as she predicted, I did fail quite miserably in the attempt. The dough did not even make it into the oven, being too liquid to form anything.

Disappointed, I made a minimal effort to clean up and went to bed for a short nap before making dinner, which was pizza by the way. I nearly forgot to get the sausages and crab filament we want for pizza toppings out of the fridge to defrost. I broke out the olive oil my mum got for Teacher’s Day and start mixing. Twenty minutes later, I am exasperated by the wet, clingy mess that was supposed to be my pizza dough. In desperation born from exasperation, I just took handfuls of bread flour and smear the mess to make it less … messy. Definitely needs much more flour than the 225 g given in the recipe. Luckily, despite liberal application of bread flour to make it into something that more or less could be molded, it turns out fine, although tasting a bit more flour-ly than I prefer.

I do not have the patience to make the sauce, instead using the Prego sauce, which is a life-saver. Add on sliced sausages, crab filament and mushrooms, it is ready to be popped into the oven. Twenty minutes later, my family minus my mother are enjoying pizza. Not to say it tastes as good as the professional pizza makers like pizza hut, but it is not bad, and my accomplishment.

Pizza Pizza Pizza