Today I tried to make a cake for the first time ever. I made a cheesecake using the recipe I found on It is a no-bake 2 steps cheesecake. Or so it claims. It is definitely not 2 steps for me. The recipe ask for a ‘prepared graham crust’ and I have no idea what it is or where to buy (if there is such a thing). So I have to search for the recipe for the graham crust and make that before I can make the batter. The recipe for graham crust needed to be bake prior to being filled. Hence, I needed the oven after all.

For a first attempt, it is my opinion that it turned out very well considering that I changed some ingredients and amount. A bit too sweet, but it is easily remedied by cutting back on the amount of sugar next time. My sister said that it tastes like the cheese cake we bought for her birthday from a nearby store. I count it as a compliment. By the way, I do not find this cheesecake fluffy at all, but it tastes great.

I meant this ‘cake’ to be a short break from the studying I am doing for an upcoming exam so I did not actually make any decorations or try to make the cake look nice. Therefore, no photos this time round. Further, instead of doing it in a huge cake pan, I did it like mini cheese tarts. No change to the taste, but it make it easier as the taste is very heavy and too large a portion will be too much even for a cheese lover.

After my exams, I am definitely going to make this cake again with modifications suggested by my family. I will post photos of the products with pretty decorations.