Well, Starbucks is kind of a milestone for me. Not that Americans and Europeans will understand though, Starbucks being common over there. But, Starbucks in Malaysia is luxury, a place for the well off to hang out. The prices of the coffee, well, let me just put it this way. A normal cup of coffee in a normal shop costs about RM1.70 at the very most. At Starbucks, it costs RM10.00++. So it is not the kind of shop I go for breakfast and coffee. Especially since I don’t like coffee.

Today, I bought my first cup of Starbucks’ hot chocolate. It cost me RM12.20, more than my usual lunch and breakfast combined. Not my first cup though. Stephanie, my friend, gifted me with a cup earlier this year so this cup is my second taste of Starbucks. As my family will tell you, I am not a risk taker. Therefore, my second cup of Starbucks is actually the exact same as my first cup though I have the menu in front of me. It is really really nice. Could be something to reward myself from time to time as Aina, my other friend, said.

Still, Starbucks is still not something I can indulge in very often. My pocket money for a week is RM60. It includes breakfast, lunch and parking fees. To spend more than RM3.00 on a drink is something like sacrilege when you have a tight budget for food and daily expenses. Of course, I do have savings and all that as well as extra money I earned from my part time jobs. But, hard-earned money is never easy for me to spend. Hence, Starbucks will remain as a special occasion drink.