When reading the news, one thing I particularly dislike is the way the media reports players’ transfer from one football club to another. Bought for £x amount, sold for £x amount? Not value for money? What’s with all those terms we use to describe goods and property? Personally, I find it extremely weird that in today’s world, where slavery is outlawed, there should be talk of buying and selling people as though they are mere chattels.

Of course, I know that it is not really slavery. Anyone who read the news would know that footballers are very highly paid, more so then I could ever hope to be paid. Nonetheless, it irks me to read reports where it sounds as though footballers are bought and sold as though they are not sentient human beings, but just some piece of property of the football club.

In context I suppose one can say that footballers are indeed the valuable properties of their football club. However, I still find those reports offensive as they do not respect the humanity of the footballers, instead objectifying them as something that could be bought and sold.

Imagine reading a news report that says that you have been “sold” to Tottenham for £X amount of money. I would have hated that. It makes me feel as though I am a piece of meat instead of a human being.