Okay, this is the fourth time I am using this particular title. Basically, it means that I want to talk about things that just doesn’t seems to have any clear titles.

First, my blog. When I started it last year, I didn’t think that I can actually sustain it for long, mostly because I have tried and failed before. It has been about seven months and this blog being still active is a pleasant surprise. I think this blog survive because I do not place any demands on it. No specific categories, no specific posts, not even regular schedules. It is nice to have a blog without obligations. Furthermore, I have actually made up my mind to not think of gathering followers. This way, I will not find myself searching for topics which actually interest readers and let myself free to speak and write as I will.

I am easily bored, and this could be seen from my hobbies. Over the years, I tried different things and quickly grew tired of them within months and even weeks. Only reading has survived these long years and I have high hopes for the blog. While I have met some who point at my star sign, Aquarius, as the reason of my fickleness, I could not help but want to say “load of bull”. It is more of my nature to need constant change and new things to keep me interested. Therefore, if I had started a blog with a specific topic, let say art, I will soon be bored as I can only write about art all the time. I am of the opinion that this blog survived because of its randomness in topics.

I like politics and I read the BBC website as the posts showed. However, I cannot see myself writing about politics all the time, being such a depressing topic. It seems that all the people involved in politics are scumbags and liars and cheaters and manipulators yet we still elect them as our representatives. Depressing. Talking about it sometimes help me to get rid of that feeling of extreme disgust. Nevertheless, I don’t think I can ever be brave enough to draw attention to my blog as being political. Selfish, yes, but also to protect myself.

My fickleness is a problem when the time comes for me to choose my discipline in tertiary education. I knew that I will easily get bored if I choose a ‘safe’ course such as accounting. And i would not be able to cope with the stress of dealing with a high pressure job such as economics. After looking around, my eyes alight on the one course that I think is just perfect for me, law.

Some people may see it as a boring subject requiring tonnes of reading. But for me, the subtle distinction between this rule and that rule and the constant incremental changes to the law are extremely interesting, though a headache when studying for exams. Reading is not a problem; I love reading. The language used in the judgements are also very beautiful. Subtle, elaborate, certainly not “Facebook” language.

Before finally choosing law, I toyed with the idea of choosing a language course, or maybe history. But the career options for such courses are quite limited and so I gave up on them. Although when people hear I am doing a law course, the first thing they think about is “lawyer” as the ultimate career.

However, I know that I do not myself like “lawyering”. Several rounds of Moot competition cured me of that. I would rather teach. So my plan for the future is to get at least a Master degree and then I would like to lecture.

I will stop here for now; my students are arriving. Maybe I will continue on the next, maybe not, depending on my mood. So long.