It certainly feel that way to me right now. Everywhere I look there is unrest and dissatisfaction. What had happen to this world? Where has all that satisfaction gone? The more technological advance we are, the less happy we are. So, do we stop our pursuit for ever faster technological advances? I don’t think so.

For one, the huge huge companies that rely on technology to grow and survive in this age and day, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others, will certainly not stop or even slow in their innovations. Smart phones, smart glasses, smart cars, what else? It seems these days that everything is ‘smart’ with the exceptions of the people.

Democracy is the thing for modern countries. But even democracy has been undermined by technology. Election fraud, heavy advertising by the parties that have the money, lobbying by rich interest groups. Tell me. Does any of the recent decisions taken in your respective government a reflection of the people’s desire? In my humble opinion (which isn’t even worth 2 cents), the only way to stop the democracy being hijacked by the rich is to stop all kinds of campaigns. The only kind of election campaign that could be done would be the traditional one, going from door to door and community services. No more huge billboards, hours of air time and debates. Debates take place in a small local setting where the contestants for the constituents debate against each other in the local town hall. Oh, and no more donations and lobbying. There. That should take care of the rich and influential from skewing the election results.

Of course, please don’t take me as an anti-technology enthusiast (if I am, I won’t be using an electronic device to upload this post, would I?). As a student and one of the Generation Y, I feel that technology is one of the best thing invented, provided that it is only for education and entertainment purposes. Maybe with the addition of news coverage. Other than that? Let’s see.

Weapons of mass destruction, such as nuclear bombs and chemical weapons? NO. The world have enough of war. firearms? No. Too many instances of a child shooting dead another as well as psychos going on a shooting spree. Drones? No. A highly undefendable violation of sovereignty (when used in ‘precision strikes’) and peace and human rights (collateral damage, anyone?). Warships, war planes, anything to do with war and mass surveillance, all one big NO. There is enough tragedy in the world without us adding to it.

That said, what about others? That aren’t specified? Well, they are the grey areas and evaluation to them will take far too much time then I am willing to spend. For example, explosives. They would be very useful in clearing rockslides and things like that, but deadly if used in violence. No, to discuss it fully will probably take another post and to much time then I can spared even if I am inclined to do so. I will just rant a bit and leave others unsaid.

My favourite invention has to be the internet. With just a few clicks, I will have my information, instead of spending hours searching for it in the musty, dusty room that is called a library. Of course, being able to surf for new stories, movies, shows, and music are also reasons why I favour the internet. I can’t quite imagine a world without internet, having to search through all the case books to find a useful case. Oh well, as my parents like to say, we have it easy now with internet to help us in our studies.

Of course, it would be more wonderful if more of the services are free. But it would be a futile wish as I acknowledged that the people need to eat and payments for their services in turn pay their bills, But in a fantasy world, that is what I would wish for.