It has been quite some time since I last post anything on this site. In fact, make that on any site. No excuses really. I can say life happens and I moved on, but it would be a lie, wouldn’t it? Simply put, I have been, um, preoccupied by things.

Anyway, lets see what can I talk about in the first post of the year. New year resolution? Dull. Besides, one of my friends has a very good point in that why must the resolutions come at the end of a year? Good point. Anyways, as she put it, new year resolutions are mere goals which can be made at any other times. Indeed, there is an article on BBC that states that making a resolution to stop smoking on Mondays will work as well if if not better than a resolution made on New Year. So this would seem to support my friend’s claim that new year resolutions are nothing special, yes?

Ah yes. Sherlock. The new episode is finally out and I haven’t seen it yet! Darn. But then that comes from not staying in UK and not having streaming capacity. Sad huh? Well, very very very looking forward in watching it. I will have to see how can I manage to get hold of it, either by hook or by crook.

Speaking of ‘by hook or by crook’, somehow I don’t think the original meaning of the phrase is to encourage people to get what they want by illegal means. Not being a native English speaker, I might be wrong. But couldn’t the ‘crook’ in the phrase refer to the shepherd’s crook, which by the way, is almost like a hook? Following that rationale, would that means that the phrase is actually saying that we need to get the things done using whatever tools we have at our disposal?

Hmm. It looks as though I have no idea what to write from my above ramblings. Must be because it has been so long since I get the creative juices flowing. Oh well, I will need some practice before I actually try to write a short story to submit to my college’s magazine.

Till next time, when I find time and will to write again.