I just hate my life sometimes. Why can’t i just have it easy?

Today is the first day of my Christmas holidays and my parents are arguing about something. Fine. Why ask me to intervene? Especially when you two don’t want to listen?

This is so frustrating. Why can’t you two just discuss it like adults? But then you guys are just so suspicious of each other, aren’t you? So I am the one bearing the brunt?

Sometimes I just need to get out of the house. I need to be away from this suffocating atmosphere. I don’t want to study right now, I need to blow some steam. How?

I really need a hobby that requires physical strength, so that I can work without using my mind for a while when my mind is whirling. Any suggestions? Maybe throwing plates and smashing glass tops? That would provide me an outlet.

Damn it. I am stuck and I don’t have any idea how to resolve the situation not of my making.