Well, not really a week, more like a four days. But then I couldn’t find a nice phrase to put in the title slot.

Today is Wednesday, it was raining this morning and it is quite cloudy now, in the afternoon. Yesterday, in the morning, we have a drizzle. It stopped in the afternoon but remains cloudy. On Monday, there was a dreary drizzle all day long. It had already started by the time I woke up; 6:55am, and had not yet stopped when I went to sleep at 12:00pm. On Sunday, there was no sun. Instead, heavy, grey clouds hung over the sky the whole day.

It started out promising enough, My partner and I won the first round of the internal moot on Monday morning. Ecstatic. I went back to class in the afternoon only to be told there will be a six-hour long Contract class on Tuesday. Well, I like the lecturer a lot. Problem? He is quite of an intense kind of guy. So, six-hour lectures are not actually fun.

The class went well (no one dares to make noise and disrupt Mr. Murali’s class). We finished a chapter on that day. Misrepresentation. And it left us with tons of reading to do, complete with cases and homework.

That bring me to today, Wednesday. Right now, I am in the library, typing on my computer to release stress. I am quite sure the college wouldn’t approve, but never mind, everyone is doing it anyways.

I have a love/hate relationship with tutorials since they started. Four subjects mean four tutors. Two males, two females. Mr. Kevin, Ms. Amenda, and Ms Gayathri are nice. Mr. Pathma, the tutor for CLRI is a prat. He is smug, obnoxious and lazy.

The way he speaks, he thought he was the greatest person, the most knowledgeable guy in the whole room. Although he might not be wrong, it is still very off-putting. I would dearly like it if someone actually complained to the college about him but I am too cowardly to do that. The way he speaks, he seems to think that everyone ought to listen to him. Doesn’t he realized his class is decreasing steadily?

You know, tutors and lecturers are expected to be knowledgeable. You aren’t anything special if you know your subject matter! Ms. Gayathri is working on her Master and she is such a nice teacher. She never spoke down to us as though we are all idiots.

Ms. Amenda and Mr. Kevin are both very experienced tutors who are also practicing lawyers. They never talk down to us and they always acknowledge us when we answer something well. Mr. Pathma, on the other hand, is a new lecturer fresh out of college and he is just a degree holder. So what is so special about you? You are nothing!

Keep your smugness and pride to yourself. We paid the fees and we are not dumb. Stop talking as though we are all idiots who are wasting your time! Go mark our homework and pass it back to us. It isn’t much anyway, as you had left it all in our decision to whether to do it or not. Most don’t, I did. I want to know my standing and I will only know if you would grade and pass it back to me as soon as possible. It has been at least two weeks since I passed it up!