So, if anyone is still reading this blog, no doubt you will be wondering where in the whole wide world is Rambles hiding. Sorry, but not sorry.

It seems that life has finally catch up and I am, for the first time in thirteen years of school life, bogged down by homework and trying to get ready in time for exams. I am not saying that I breezed through my previous exams in any way, mind you, in fact, I did quite badly in some of them. The difference is that I do not care for my previous exams because of the subjects I studied I deem useless (tell me what is the use of physics, chemistry, biology, maths, geography and history to someone studying law?).

Now, I am studying a field which I am interested in and is willing to work hard to achieve the best results. The pressure increases as I would need to get certain results before I can proceed to the next level in my studies and getting a good job.

Too much too much! Need to rest!

Tomorrow is another day of school before finally a blessed week-long holiday break for Deepavali.

Happy Deepavali all!