It is Friday again, meaning that another week has gone by in a blur. School life is heating up, as lecturers start to up the speed of the lectures in anticipation of the coming Deepavali holidays. As one of my lecturers said, “Students, we have to hurry a bit. In the first week of November, all of us are going to become Hindus and celebrate Deepavali and take a week off. Then in December, we are all Christians and have to celebrate the Christmas. Following that, late January all of us must celebrate Chinese New Year as all of us have somehow miraculously become Chinese. All in all, it is about a month shaved off the eight months you got before your exams in May.”

To add to our misery, tutorials have just started and homework are already coming down fast. Even in lectures, some of our more zealous lecturers set us homework to do. In addition to the huge amount of reading we have to do, I don’t think I will be enjoying my holidays anytime soon. Deepavali is next week, but all I can foresee is a long week of self-study. After all, I am not a Hindu and thus certainly can avoid celebrating heavily. For that, I have the Chinese New Year to look forward to.

Another thing, mooting is about to start. I hope to enter the competition and has even found a partner in anticipation of it. However, I have been having second thoughts about it as I look at my schedule and find that it is quite full. As the saying goes, ‘don’t bite off more than you could chew”. Problem: I am not sure if it is too much for me.

One last thing before I sign off on this post. I shouldn’t but I will. Please go and check out my other blog The Law (Student’s Perspective) if you are a first year Law student too. Maybe we can discuss on my mistakes?