So last night I went out with my friends for a dinner and movie as it was my friend’s birthday. They decided on ‘Escape Plan’, PG 18-rated movie. Do not ask me who starred in it. I honestly don’t care which actor it is as long as it has a good plot and good acting.

The story unfolds with the introduction of Ray Breslin, a regular Houdini who breaks out of prisons for a living. Next thing we know, he is being offered another job, breaking out of a prison which need to be breakout-proofed as it houses the most dangerous criminals on Earth that no government wants. It seemed to be a regular job with a contact and evacuation code. Until he arrived at the Tomb, as the off the grid prison was known.

A nightmarish ride in a helicopter courtesy of a tranquilizer, Breslin realized there is something very wrong with the prison as he saw another man being killed and tossed out of the helicopter. The nightmare was complete when he found out that his contact was non-existent and the evacuation code was no good. In short, he was really trapped in the prison with no one to help him. Then along came Rottmayor and the two of them started plotting an escape.

A nice story, with humour and gore in equal parts. Of course, there were some unbelievable stunts and language not fit for the polite society. But all in all, I like that movie very much.