Ten hours ago I received a comment from reinag59, thank you by the way, and it is in a language I do not understand. I used Google Translate to try to translate but it seems to be slightly wrong. Therefore, I still do not understand the comment. According to Google, the comment is made in Spanish. However, my proficiency is only in English, Chinese and Malay.

As a Malaysian, this three languages are enough for us to go through life, provided, of course, that we do not migrate to countries that do not speak any of this three languages. I always wanted to learn Latin, but I do not think there is any class here for that, ditto with Greek. I will love to learn all the languages in the world, but sadly it is not feasible.

I appreciate every comment I get on my blog because you take the time to read and respond to my posts. However, I would love it better if you could maybe post your comment in English as then I will be able to understand and reply better.

Going back to the comment by reinag59, I am not sure if Google translate it correctly or not, as according to Google, reinag59 commented on anxiety. Please correct me if Google is wrong. Thank you.