First thing first, I am a college student who is still dependent upon her parents for money although I do work for my own pocket money. Secondly, most of my friends do not need to work for their pocket money but get it from parents.

So, believe me when I tell you when they wanted to organize a ‘small’ birthday celebration for one of our numbers, I sincerely believed that it wouldn’t be over the price of RM25. Therefore, when they decided to go to a nice Korean restaurant, I was stunned and in disbelief!

Never before I spent more than RM20 for a meal when I went out with my high school friends. However, apparently college means a whole new range of spending. I ended up spending RM60 for this dinner which I did not even enjoy as it is very spicy. Imagine! RM60 out of the RM400 I get as my pocket money every month which I work hard for!

Dear me, I feel so annoyed. But then I cannot actually say “You guys go ahead but I am not going because I only want to spend RM25”. So I have to fork out money way over my budget limit.

I decided then and there that I am not going out for dinner with them any more. It is very detrimental to my financial health. Rich friends!