Today, a vague anxiety ate at me. I do not know what is wrong. Indeed, I don’t think there is anything wrong. But still, the faint feeling of nervous anticipation stayed with me throughout today.

Now, late in the night, with some peace and quiet in the house, I organized my thoughts and have some inkling to why I feel anxious.

Firstly, I always read the international news. After this August, I even read the finance part. Although I do not understand all, I understand enough to know that the economic crisis is not over. Indeed, it loomed ever larger in my country with corrupted politicians and irresponsible public spending.

Then, there is the economic crisis all over the world and the impending war on Syria and the quarrels between the Koreans. In addition, China is actually quite close to my home country. Thailand is our neighbour and so is Philippine. Recent reports of violent outbreaks increases my fear of living in such turbulent times.

I also just started a new course of education this week but my books from the UK university have yet to arrive. After being told of how difficult it is to score, I think it can be forgiven that I am most anxiously waiting for my textbooks.

All in all, I am afraid because of all this negative things happening right now. Unfortunately, they are not going away soon. So how?